Law of Attraction and Healing Modalities

Is the Law of Attraction BS? Truth is, I don't believe it is. Doesn't work for me (yet). I do have a clue about how to make it work that no one I've found has hit on and I'm not even going to try to sell you something. I do believe in a lot of the "stuff" when it comes to Healing Modalities. I've done some "stuff" (surrogate) where the intended person has received a healing that otherwise could not be explained other than simply calling it a miracle. I've been exploring so many different things over the past 3 years searching for answers. Prior to the previous 3 years I considered myself a very devout Catholic. But you know, all of sudden it hit me like a brick. I'd been sitting there all these years hearing how we need to be humble, poor in spirit, always last and I realized this was a way to control the masses of dumb stupid people. Here's the deal breaker. Jesus said we'd be able to do all the things he did and even greater! You see anyone doing this? The darn preacher (priest) never preached about this, why not? Truth is, hardly anyone believes they can create the miracles of old. Some do, but don’t know how to make it happen. That’s what this blog site is for.

I have no doubt that true physical and mental healings can and do happen. Most always, it involves the power of 3. The person needing/asking/praying for a healing. Someone who joins with them believing that a healing can and will happen and Source, God, the Divine, Creator of Nature, whatever names you give to God. O yes, God is real. She is totally Awesome!!!

I have things I desire, you have things you desire. I say lets get together and ask for whatever it is you want. Anything goes. You pray, tap, reconnect whatever modality your comfortable with and I’ll do the same for you. It has to work, it will work.

All we have to do is connect.

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